National Brand ZHOU LIU FU Teamed up with Summer Palace Wonderland to Land in Time Square


Recently, ZHOU LIU FU Jewellery teamed up with Summer Palace Wonderland to launch a new China-Chic product, and made a powerful landing in New York Time Square with a skyscraper advertisement to show the world the special charm of oriental jewellery.



New York Time Square in the US is known as "the crossroad of the world". People of different skin colors, nations and nationalities gather here every day. Advertising here will undoubtedly become the "global focus" and draw worldwide attention.



As a national jewellery brand recognized by a broad mass of the public, ZHOU LIU FU has a strong sense of social responsibility. Since its birth, it has always been dedicated to combining traditional culture with modern jewellery to propel the inheritance of Chinese culture. This time, ZHOU LIU FU has teamed up with Summer Palace Wonderland IP to create high-standard jewellery and shape a paragon of China-Chic in the theme of the Summer Palace's Royal Garden Culture. By means of applying totems, philosophies and aesthetics with Chinese conventional wisdom to jewellery, the splendid traditional culture will go forward to the international.


In the future, ZHOU LIU FU will bring more original jewellery bearing the imprint of Chinese civilization to the world arena and firmly develop into an international brand so that the world can enjoy the beauty of oriental jewellery.